Who We Are

The Lochren Foundation was founded in 2021 with a focus on supporting small businesses and encouraging entrepreneurs to live their dreams. Our founders, James Lochren and Sara Lochren Pittman believe in the importance of giving back to their community. Our goals include fostering an environment of encouragement, support and success for all those who want to work for it.

The Lochren Foundation was created in this spirit, with the hopes of serving local, aspiring young business owners who could use financing, mentorship and encouragement along the way.

We especially want to encourage young entrepreneurs to brave the world of business ownership. We offer grants to new and young businesses to help establish a new business, buy equipment or inventory for expansion, down payments towards rent or mortgages.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower new and aspiring business owners to brave the world of entrepreneurship and to engage our community to support them during the process. As cornerstones of our communities, we are advocating and raising funds for small businesses and the families behind them.

What We Do


Small Business Support


Mentor Entrepreneurs


Business Education & Career Development


CDL Training


Families, Single Parents & Children in Need

Get Involved


How can I help?

As a new foundation, we need all the help we can get! We are looking for funding, volunteers and ideas and unique ways to support our local businesses, entrepreneurs and children in need of support. If you think your skillset can help us reach our goals, please send us an email to set up a zoom call. We would absolutely love to meet you!


Become a mentor:

Are you an experienced entrepreneur, small business owner or expert in business management or operations? We would love to meet you! We are looking for more mentors to donate their time to other business owners in our community.

Apply For Support

Are you a small business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, family or local organization in need of support? Please connect with us!

Send us an email explaining your business, your needs and a specific request for support. We will bring your story to our board of directors and get approval for funding and / or mentorship.