James and Sara Lochren created the Lochren Foundation in January 2021 with the hopes of supporting their fellow small businesses while also cultivating the spirit of entrepreneurialism in our local youth. James has been an entrepreneur his entire life and passed his passions onto his daughter, Sara, at a young age. The two of them have worked side by side at Capital Ready Mix Concrete for the last 8 years and have started many other businesses and projects together including Sara’s baby, Capital Dumpster Service. The Lochren Family thinks it’s so important to give back to their community and foster an environment of encouragement, support and success for all those who want to work for it. The Lochren Foundation was created in this spirit, with the hopes of serving local, aspiring young business owners who could use financing, mentorship and encouragement along the way.

Meet the Board

James F Lochren

James has been an entrepreneur his entire life. From his first newspaper route at age 10, to his first concrete business in his twenties (there were many more in between) he has an innate ability to create something from nothing.

“ Work is my hobby. I have spent the majority of my life waking up before the sun rises and coming home in the dark but that is what it takes to make a small business successful. The joy that comes from making your first sale, hiring your first employee and paying off your first loan… it’s incredible. My wish for any young person today is that they find a career that makes them jump out of bed in the morning. Life is too short to be miserable at work. You spend so much of your life working, I believe you should always be striving to make it something you enjoy”.


Sara Lochren Pittman

Growing up as the youngest of a large family, has left Sara with a deep sense of passion for the importance of the family unit. With 3 sisters, one brother, seven nieces and nephews and now a son of her own, Sara is committed to helping other local families and children in need.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support from my amazing family. My Dad has been an incredible mentor and partner in business, my mother has quite literally dedicated her life to raising her children which has left me with the confidence to raise my own Son with the same amount of love and respect she gave us all throughout the years. My husband and sisters supported me throughout my MBA program, my pregnancy and those crazy first few weeks of motherhood. I am so grateful for them and look forward to spreading the love to other families that need this sense of support that comes from a loving community”.


Jamie-Lee Lochren Lavelle

James’ third daughter is now a wife and mom of four. She started her corporate career as a CPA for a Big Four accounting firm, moved to the family business and is currently focused on raising her children while also helping out those in need. She is active in her church community, specifically focused on promoting the life and dignity of all.

“I am so excited to be a part of the start of this wonderful foundation. I have been so blessed in my life by my fathers innate sense of entrepreneurialism and this foundation is an opportunity for him to share his wisdom and success with other young men and women looking to start their own small businesses. The fact that I am able to help him with this is a beautiful gift. I pray for the success of this foundation and for the success of all the small businesses and entrepreneurs that we will have the privilege of meeting and helping along the way.”


Zeke Bridges

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