The Lochren Family thinks it’s so important to give back to their community and foster an environment of encouragement, support and success for all those who want to work for it. The Lochren Foundation was created in this spirit, with the hopes of serving local, aspiring young business owners who could use financing, mentorship and encouragement along the way.

Currently we deeply invested in a number of campaigns to support our region and the families that make up our community. Please take a look at the efforts below to review what we are working to achieve and reflect on our efforts so far.

Duke Children’s Hospital Christmas Donations

The Lochren Foundation and their supporters donated over $1,000 worth of Holidays gifts to the Children at Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham so the children who are admitted during the holidays would have something to open.

Chatham County Head Start Christmas Gift Campaign

We donated over $3,000 worth of Christmas gifts to 108 children who are a part of the Chatham County Head Start program. Learn more about the Head Start program here:

Support Through Kidscope

The Lochren Foundation donated $3,000 in Dec 2021 to cover a years’ worth of therapy for one child in need at KidScope. Please read more about their wonderful organization here:

We hope to raise $10,000 in 2022 for this organization. If you would like to donate to this campaign specifically, please let us know in the memo of your check or in the notes section on PayPal.

Chatham County Head Start Shoe Campaign

In late 2021, The Lochren Foundation completed one of our initial campaigns to cloth local children in our community that were in need of basic essentials. We collected and donated over 60 pairs of shoes designated for local children in Chatham County, NC.